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Who is Brian Torchin?

Brian Torchin is a chiropractor, and the founder of HCRC Staffing. Currently, he lives in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. Brian Torchin began his career in medicine and the art of healing as a student at the University of Delaware. At this institution, he earned his Bachelors of Exercise Science. Later, he would earn his chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College.

After earning his degree, Brian began working in the chiropractic industry. However, he quickly found out that finding a job in the medical industry was extremely difficult, and he was not the only one struggling. Even though Torchin loved practicing chiropractic medicine, he found a better way to use his skills, and that was helping heath care professionals find employment, and health care facilities find the best professionals to fill the gaps in their employee roster.

Through watching the struggles of other medical professionals, he has realized that there was a serious deficit when it comes to filling jobs in the health care industry. Because of this, he founded his company HCRC Staffing. His company is a resource to medical professionals, as well as staffing agencies, and is focused on ensuring that all medical facilities are properly staffed with qualified, top-notch health care professionals.

HCRC Staffing not only ensures that doctors find the right job for them, but it also ensures that facilities are equipped with the best medical professionals possible. Torchin ensures that all of the medical professionals that join his staffing agency are top-notch medical professionals, with in-depth education and a great record with the places they have previously worked.

Over the years, Torchin’s company has become one of the largest health care staffing agencies. Due to the fall in the American economy, Torchin’s goal has become more important than ever. Placing highly-qualified personnel in companies, rather than mediocre personnel, the health care system benefits financially and patients benefit by having the most qualified doctors.

According to Behance, Brian Torchin also hosts seminars to aid health care professionals in their efforts to gain employment, and in how to surpass their peers though education and hands on training. This also helps to make health care facilities safer for patients as well.

Beware Of Reputation Management Firms That Promise To Remove Negative Content Permanently

Choosing a reputable online reputation management firm is more important than ever since so many new firms popping up every day. While most firms use ethical methods to enhance their client’s reputation, such as creating positive content that pushes down the unflattering references to their client, at least one firm, according to boingboing, is filing bogus defamation suits designed to frighten web hosts in to removing content.

Everything about the defamation lawsuits appear bogus, even the person who allegedly filed the lawsuit claimed he only signed a contract to have his reputation defended; he knew nothing about a lawsuit. Than man was a dentist who received a bad review; his reputation management company should have helped him craft an appropriate response, not file a lawsuit. While there are rare instances where a lawsuit is necessary, this certainly was not one of those times. An ethical online reputation management firm will coach clients, if necessary, on how to respond to reviews professionally, without starting an argument or threatening to sue the reviewer.

When signing a contract with an online reputation management firm, individuals should understand what methods the firm uses. If the firm promises to permanently remove negative content, beware. It usually isn’t possible to remove bad reviews since the review is a person’s opinion. Google isn’t in the habit of taking down pages either, unless the content is obviously defamatory. Negative content that hurts a person or a company’s online standing is usually a bad review, news articles about a company or one of their executives caught in an illegal act or mentions in forums, none of which is possible, nor even necessary, to remove permanently. It’s more important to get the negative content off the first page of search results.


About the Brexit and the Brexit Gold Coin

The Brexit was one of the biggest economic events of the year. There are a lot of people around the world who are nervous about the final outcome. Although it is known that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union, what is not known is the total economic impact. There are many people who are scared about the lasting impact of this decision. Many people feel like it is going to be more difficult for the country to trade and do business now. The final economic results will not be known for many years. On the US Money Reserve podcast, the team talked about all of the effects of this decision. In a couple of years, we may look back and realize that this is a huge catalyst for change in Europe.

Brexit Gold Coin

In order to commemorate this event, the Cook Islands issued a gold coin in honor of the Brexit. This just shows how important this event was to so many people. Many of the people who are living in Britain wanted their culture to remain intact. This is a central theme that is going around the world. The rise of national culture and pride is growing in many parts of the world. A lot of leading experts on the situation greatly underestimated how much people care about their culture. Looking back on the situation, it is easy to see why so many people voted to leave.


One of the biggest issues in Europe today is debt. In many of the major powers in Europe, debt is the biggest driver behind economic growth. This is why so many nations are going to negative interest rates. If the interest on the national debt can be low or even negative, countries have no incentive to stop borrowing. However, this causes a lot of issues down the road. Over the long term, this hurts the savings of people who have their money in banks. If you want to take advantage of growth in the market, low interest rates are not a good thing. A lot of people who are entering the later stages of life are not happy about the reckless borrowing and low interest rates.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Brexit is a major economic event that a lot of people are worried about. The full effect will take years to truly see, but a lot of people are already starting to see changes. It will be interesting to see how much people change their opinion about the decision in the coming years.

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Whistleblowers: Look to Lebaton Sucharow LLP for Expert Representation

The Federal Government has established a Whistleblower Representation Practice whereby whistleblowers can bring action against businesses, institutional investors and consumers and remain anonymous. It was funded by Congress with a replenishing Investor Protection Fund. Presently the fund has a reserve of $400 million.

A whistleblower can receive substantial financial rewards by coming forth and testifying to a company’s or individual’s wrongdoing. Typical cases involve violations of Federal Securities Violations. When a successful enforcement has been completed the whistleblower can receive from 10-30% of the total monetary sanction. Throughout the process the identity of the whistleblower remains anonymous and he/she is guaranteed against reprisals from their employer.

Even with these guarantees a whistleblower is taking substantial risk. Most often he/she is not knowledgeable about specific securities violations. Nor can he/she formulate a real and prosecutable case against an employer.

Before even attempting to proceed, it is wise to consult a reputable firm with experience in successfully prosecuting these types of violations. Labaton Sucharow LLP is the leading firm with 50 years- experience in litigation and the first firm to represent whistleblowers under the new Federal Program. The firm has investigators, financial analysts and forensic accountants.

Labaton Sucharow LLP has published a Securities Law Primer that contains important information for whistleblowers. Included are such topics as: what causes the SEC to open an investigation, what happens during the litigation process and what agencies might be involved. The manual has an Eligibility Calculator to predetermine the chance of success of a given action. Topics include the question of what exactly has occurred, the significance of the actions and the probability of success. The firm maintains a database of prior cases with specifics and outcomes of each one. It contains the six major securities violations of: Offering Fraud, Trading and Pricing, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Municipal Securities, Financial Fraud and Market Manipulation.

In a recent case, lawyer Jordan Thomas at Labaton Sucharow LLP successfully prosecuted a SEC whistleblower case with an award of $17 million, this being the second highest award in the history of the program. Mr. Thomas was also successful in a case where an employer retaliated against a whistleblower.

Organo Gold Cares About It’s Customer Base

Organo Gold brings exclusive drinks, nuetraceuticals, and other products through their independent distributors around the world. Founded by Bernado Chua, Organo Gold seeks to bring a healthier alternatives, like coffee. Organo Gold seeks to build entrepreneurs through their extensive training program and quality products.

They seek to build their distributors up to earn money and bonuses. Each distributor receives the high quality product and training needed to earn the compensation.

Organo Gold also rewards their customers. Through the preferred customer program, they give regular customers discounts. They receive 25% discount on regular shipments of their favorite drinks.

The company seeks to show their appreciation of customers and employees, which makes them an award winning and successful business world wide. Bernardo Chua has received the 22nd Annual People’s Choice and National Consumers Quality Awards in 2014 among many others.

Bernardo Chua has worked in the multi-level marketing business for years. He started his career at Gano Excel, where he moved to the US to become president of Gano Excel USA. In 2008, Bernardo founded Organo Gold to sell healthy drinks.

Everyday products that are infused with Ganoderma lucidum. This ancient mushroom is a remedy used for thousands of years for a variety of ailments in the Phillipinnes.

Organo Gold has their own philanthropic foundation, OG Cares. OG Cares desires to help youth who feel they have no future. They provide the education and resources to help these youth understand their potential and be successful. This company cares about their employees, customers, and their community.

Eric Pulier Helped My Daughter Get onto Starbright World

My daughter has Crohn’s disease, and it was very hard for her because she was the only person she knew how had it. We had a hard time letting her know that she was not that different from the other kids, but we did not get anything really good for her until Eric Pulier came around. Eric Pulier started Starbright World as a social network before the concept of the social networks was popular. She was able to talk to kids just like her on the network, and we got to meet Eric Pulier when he set us up.

The concept of the kids talking to each other on the network was something that warmed our hearts, and we found out that she could meet a lot of different kids who were very much like her. She is still friends with some of these kids today, and I like the fact that it was so easy on her. She could have had a very hard life, but Eric Pulier put her in contact with people who really helped change her fortunes for the better. I’m not sure that it could have gone any better, and her friends are still fighting Crohn’s with her.

I heard of a lot of kids getting help from the Starbright World network, and I think that they could all feel the difference. They were being put on a platform where they could make gains in their health and mental well being with other kids. These kids were often healing each other like it was therapy, and they were sure that they could all stay together. I think that they are sticking together because of the connection they made on the Starbright World network, and I know that Eric Pulier is still out there helping people.


Another Missed Payment for Middlesex County Improvement Authority

It was recently reported on that another missed payment, this time of $1 million, could spell trouble for the Middlesex County Improvement Authority. Investigation of recent reports revealed that this totals now close to $7 million in missed payments over the past 5 years on the $20 million loan that was originally taken out, furnished by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. This loan was used to furnish the development of the Heldrich, a building that went up in 2005. This site is used for a hotel and conference center and was designed and developed by a non-profit organization called the New Brunswick Development Authority.
The New Brunswick Development Authority, Devco is a non-profit, private organization that focuses on the design, construction, and development of urban real estate. This company opened over 4 decades ago and has since served as the engine that has driven the growth and revitalization of the New Brunswick area. This company has posted some major successes over recent years, even being features in the New York Time’s while leading New Brunswick on a renaissance.

The New Brunswick Development Company has created a new model for the development of urban real estate through its innovative partnerships and alliances in both public and private spheres. This has opened the doors to new sources of funding that has led to many of the remarkable structures that dot the New Brunswick area today.

The New Brunswick Development company has raised more than $1.5 billion dollars according to Atty. Chris Paladino since its inception 40 years ago. This money, raised both through good times and bad, has led to a strong and rapidly growing area that all of the area’s citizens can enjoy. This steady stream of funding has led to constant project spearheaded by the New Brunswick Development Company and has ensured that New Brunswick remains on the cutting edge of urban real estate.

It’s Time for Peace, Unity, and a LOVAGANZA

A LOVAGANZA? What is a LOVAGANZA? An extravaganza of love? Well, that’s actually quite close. A Lovaganza is a festival of cultural entertainment, and according to the group running the festival, “LOVAGANZA’s mission is to create spectacular immersive entertainment to inspire and bring wonder to the audiences of the world with the purpose to discover all cultures and nations on Earth and better understand what unites us and what makes us unique”.

Lovaganza is set to partake from May to September in the year 2020 at 8 flagship locations throughout the world, and will be housed in circus-like tents. The festival will include an array of groundbreaking immersive motion pictures, attractions, shows, and exhibitions. Originally, the festival was set to open in 2015, but LOVAGANZA desired to include much of the newly developing technology that has begun to show its face in recent years.

Some of the included festivities include watching films in the incredible Immerscope on, a 180-degree glassless wrap around 3D screen located in the convoy tents. 180-degrees isn’t the biggest screen they have, though. In the LOVAGANZA 2020 Main Chapiteau, there is a fully immersive 360-degree theatre. Each of the location in America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Oceania, will have the convoys and pavilions with these powerful theaters.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait the 4 years from now to have a palpable experience with LOVAGANZA on There is planned to be a “Traveling Show” that will begin in 2017. With a priority of promoting the 2020 festivities, the “Traveling Show” will be showing examples of their immersive technology to create some spark for the 2020 release. Along with this, LOVAGANZA will be releasing a trilogy of movies leading up to grand 2020 opening.

Filming for the movies to be played have already begun! LOVAGANZA has visited locations in California and Florida, for their movie lots, to recreate locations to be shown, however, they have also left the country to for a more realistic depiction of the cultures they wish to present. They have visited a variety of countries including Spain, India, France, Tahiti, and Africa.

LOVAGANZA 2020 is an experimental festival to a collection of generational festivals. The 2020 festival will be known as the LOVAGANZA for Unity. The other festivals include the 2025 LOVAGANZA for Peace, the 2030 LOVAGANZA for Abundance, and the 2040 LOVAGANZA Beta World.

Visit the LOVAGANZA website for more information.

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