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Thor Halvorssen Explains Socialism with Fox News

Fox News recently ran a piece on how Bernie Sanders is a socialist trying to bring about socialistic change to the United States. To be interviewed, Fox News brought Thor Halvorssen on the show. Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. The first question aimed at Halvorssen was to explain how socialism violates basic human rights. Instead of answering a possibly loaded question and remain very clear, Halvorssen qualified the statement by saying that socialism is not inherently a violation of basic human rights.

Halvorssen cited examples such as Denmark, Norway and Sweden, the same countries Bernie Sanders often mentions, to describe how socialism can operate on an optimal level while human rights are still protected and important. Halvorssen said that as long as there is a system of checks and balances with separation of powers as well as constitutional rights set in place that socialistic governments can operate for the good of the people. He does acknowledge that when used as a guise for control and power by corrupt individuals or parties, socialism can violate basic human rights.

After hearing his detailed response, the Fox News interviewer asks Halvorssen to define socialism. Again, being very careful of his answer, Halvorssen admits there is not one overarching definition of socialism. There are many different perspectives as well as applications. To keep things simple, the Fox News reporter asks Halvorssen what his main problem with socialism is. Having much experience and expertise in Venezuelan policies, Halvorssen uses the South American country as an example of how the people can be looted. He reveals that the government can fix prices on goods however they please which is leading directly to a humanitarian crisis.

Tying the conversation back into Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders, Halvorssen admits that he has donated the full amount possible to the campaign of Bernie Sanders. The Fox News reporter seems surprised and asks the reasoning behind this decision. Halvorssen then begins to explain how Sanders’ rival Hillary Clinton has been taking money from dictatorships such as Saudi Arabia, Oman and many more. He said he would much rather have Bernie Sanders as the party’s front runner.

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