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Award-Winning Service Given By The Manse on Marsh

When it comes to assisted living, they don’t make it any better than The Manse on Marsh. They are a hands-on company that really takes the high road and does not settle until its residents are satisfied with the service they receive there. That is why it comes as to the surprise of no one that they have won “The Caring Star” award, which is something they are very grateful and humbled by because they know they have put in the time, effort, and dedication to get it right. It shows them that all of their hard work was worth it and paid off.

Of course, as with any company, The Manse on Marsh does not do their work to receive awards. They do their work because they believe in it and they know it makes a true difference in people’s lives. They know that families are trusting them to do the job the right way and make their family members feel as safe and comfortable as possible. That is their goal and they do not rest until it has been achieved. They go above and beyond to do that by having a personal touch that is lacking from most places. They don’t forget a face and they don’t forget a resident that is there.

They know all of them are important and all of them play a vital part in the success of the Manse on Marsh, just as much as they do. It is a group effort. It all starts by really getting to know people and finding out what they like, what they are all about, and what makes them happy. Once they have that figured out and settled, they can move forward with the process.

They know how to ask the right questions and make them feel at ease. After all, this is their new home, and it should be treated as such. They should feel comfortable each and every day they are there and like they are able to do the same things they would do in their own home all of the time without any hesitation.