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Eric Pulier Helped My Daughter Get onto Starbright World

My daughter has Crohn’s disease, and it was very hard for her because she was the only person she knew how had it. We had a hard time letting her know that she was not that different from the other kids, but we did not get anything really good for her until Eric Pulier came around. Eric Pulier started Starbright World as a social network before the concept of the social networks was popular. She was able to talk to kids just like her on the network, and we got to meet Eric Pulier when he set us up.

The concept of the kids talking to each other on the network was something that warmed our hearts, and we found out that she could meet a lot of different kids who were very much like her. She is still friends with some of these kids today, and I like the fact that it was so easy on her. She could have had a very hard life, but Eric Pulier put her in contact with people who really helped change her fortunes for the better. I’m not sure that it could have gone any better, and her friends are still fighting Crohn’s with her.

I heard of a lot of kids getting help from the Starbright World network, and I think that they could all feel the difference. They were being put on a platform where they could make gains in their health and mental well being with other kids. These kids were often healing each other like it was therapy, and they were sure that they could all stay together. I think that they are sticking together because of the connection they made on the Starbright World network, and I know that Eric Pulier is still out there helping people.