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Doe Deere Uses Preparation, Determination, And Hard Work To Make Her Dream A Reality


Entrepreneur and entertainer Doe Deere is a dreamer. She also knows how to make her dreams come true. It takes vision, creativity, hard work, and a never-say-die attitude. Doe Deere has all this and more. Over the past 8 years, this Russian born model, fashion designer, musician, and businesswoman has overcome a whole host of trials and tribulations to create the wildly successful Lime Crime cosmetics line. She has tasted failure time and again but she has never let it stop her from pursuing her dreams. Her life is a primer on how to go over, through, and around challenges to make your dream a reality.

Born is Russia, Doe Deere emigrated to New York with her family when she was very young. Forced to live in a homeless shelter for a while, Doe Deere dreamed of owning her own business and being a great success. Initially, making it in the fashion industry was her goal. She attended Fashion Institute of Technology, created a website, and attempted to market the clothes she designed. When she didn’t attain the level of success she desired, she turned her attention to the music industry. She did shows and recorded music first with a band and later as a solo artist.

Although she had limited success, it was while attempting to improve her appearance for live performances that she began to create her own makeup. With the encouragement of the people on her online makeup tutorial, she began offering the makeup she produced for sale. That was the roots of Lime Crime cosmetics. The people on her makeup tutorial were right. People loved the brightly colored cosmetics she created by hand. In no time she had customers of all ages and from all parts of the world clamoring for more of her Lime Crime cosmetics.

These days Lime Crime cosmetics are an international phenomenon. Users send her pictures of the innovative ways they have used the makeup to beautify themselves. She posts the photos on the Lime Crime website for others to see and draw inspiration. This has helped to become an organic community. One in which Doe Deere and the users of her products share innovative ideas for using the product line.

The dream of owning a successful independent business Doe Deere has had since she was young is now a reality. All her work, preparation, creativity, and determination has borne fruit.