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It’s Time for Peace, Unity, and a LOVAGANZA

A LOVAGANZA? What is a LOVAGANZA? An extravaganza of love? Well, that’s actually quite close. A Lovaganza is a festival of cultural entertainment, and according to the group running the festival, “LOVAGANZA’s mission is to create spectacular immersive entertainment to inspire and bring wonder to the audiences of the world with the purpose to discover all cultures and nations on Earth and better understand what unites us and what makes us unique”.

Lovaganza is set to partake from May to September in the year 2020 at 8 flagship locations throughout the world, and will be housed in circus-like tents. The festival will include an array of groundbreaking immersive motion pictures, attractions, shows, and exhibitions. Originally, the festival was set to open in 2015, but LOVAGANZA desired to include much of the newly developing technology that has begun to show its face in recent years.

Some of the included festivities include watching films in the incredible Immerscope on, a 180-degree glassless wrap around 3D screen located in the convoy tents. 180-degrees isn’t the biggest screen they have, though. In the LOVAGANZA 2020 Main Chapiteau, there is a fully immersive 360-degree theatre. Each of the location in America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Oceania, will have the convoys and pavilions with these powerful theaters.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait the 4 years from now to have a palpable experience with LOVAGANZA on There is planned to be a “Traveling Show” that will begin in 2017. With a priority of promoting the 2020 festivities, the “Traveling Show” will be showing examples of their immersive technology to create some spark for the 2020 release. Along with this, LOVAGANZA will be releasing a trilogy of movies leading up to grand 2020 opening.

Filming for the movies to be played have already begun! LOVAGANZA has visited locations in California and Florida, for their movie lots, to recreate locations to be shown, however, they have also left the country to for a more realistic depiction of the cultures they wish to present. They have visited a variety of countries including Spain, India, France, Tahiti, and Africa.

LOVAGANZA 2020 is an experimental festival to a collection of generational festivals. The 2020 festival will be known as the LOVAGANZA for Unity. The other festivals include the 2025 LOVAGANZA for Peace, the 2030 LOVAGANZA for Abundance, and the 2040 LOVAGANZA Beta World.

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Lovaganza announcement about schedule change

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

The Lovaganza celebrations initially scheduled for 2015 were moved to 2020. The reason being to ensure that celebrations use the emerging technologies in the entertainment industry effectively. Another reason why the celebrations were moved to the year 2020 is to incorporate new cutting edge concepts as well as enable participants experience the feeling of being lost in different cultures from different nations. The celebrations will be held in different locations such as Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East and even Oceania.

The aim of Lovaganza celebrations is to showcase what different cultures from around the world can offer. This includes groundbreaking entertainment as well as different attractions and motion pictures. There are also exhibitions and live events in the celebrations. The scheduled 2020 event also includes a travel show that begins in 2017. The aim of this travel show is to promote the 2020 events and at the same time offering fans samples of Lovaganza’s cinematic glasses.

The travel show will then be followed by a release of three major motion pictures aimed at promoting the 2020 event. These motion pictures will be presented in the Lovaganza traveling pavilions and will be achieved through the use of 3D technology, hence the need for the 3D glasses on CrunchBase. Standard 3D as well as 2D theaters will be used for the showcasing. Some initial works in shooting of the films to be showcased have already begun. Shooting is underway in USA, France and Spain. Shooting in India and Africa as well as the rest of the world is planned to begin soon.

The organizers of the Lovaganza aim to present the films when traveling using immerscope screens with the objective being to create a once in a lifetime and never seen cinematic experience. Two distinctive structures are behind Lovaganza branding and planning. The first structure is the Lovaganza entertainment franchise. This is based on making profit and its main objective is to offer global entertainment that can inspire and amaze its audience. The other structure is the Lovaganza foundation. The foundation’s main aim is to use the Lovaganza success to ensure the events impact positively on peoples’ lives. The official opening of the foundation is planned for 2018. This will ensure that it is well planned and also complies with everything there is to comply with in all regions. The Lovaganza foundation is a non profit entity.

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