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About the Brexit and the Brexit Gold Coin

The Brexit was one of the biggest economic events of the year. There are a lot of people around the world who are nervous about the final outcome. Although it is known that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union, what is not known is the total economic impact. There are many people who are scared about the lasting impact of this decision. Many people feel like it is going to be more difficult for the country to trade and do business now. The final economic results will not be known for many years. On the US Money Reserve podcast, the team talked about all of the effects of this decision. In a couple of years, we may look back and realize that this is a huge catalyst for change in Europe.

Brexit Gold Coin

In order to commemorate this event, the Cook Islands issued a gold coin in honor of the Brexit. This just shows how important this event was to so many people. Many of the people who are living in Britain wanted their culture to remain intact. This is a central theme that is going around the world. The rise of national culture and pride is growing in many parts of the world. A lot of leading experts on the situation greatly underestimated how much people care about their culture. Looking back on the situation, it is easy to see why so many people voted to leave.


One of the biggest issues in Europe today is debt. In many of the major powers in Europe, debt is the biggest driver behind economic growth. This is why so many nations are going to negative interest rates. If the interest on the national debt can be low or even negative, countries have no incentive to stop borrowing. However, this causes a lot of issues down the road. Over the long term, this hurts the savings of people who have their money in banks. If you want to take advantage of growth in the market, low interest rates are not a good thing. A lot of people who are entering the later stages of life are not happy about the reckless borrowing and low interest rates.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Brexit is a major economic event that a lot of people are worried about. The full effect will take years to truly see, but a lot of people are already starting to see changes. It will be interesting to see how much people change their opinion about the decision in the coming years.

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