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Magnises Is Offering Its Members a Whole New Experience

Magnises is a platform that enables its members to unlock their cities and take their lives to the next level. Magnises was established in 2014 by Billy McFarland, a twenty-something-year-old man. It helps people to build the perfect network. The private club offers young professionals the access to special events by using the personalized black card. The card also provides the chance to access the biggest cities on the East Coast, especially in New York City and Washington, DC.

People can get discounts at restaurants, clubs, and bars by flashing their Magnises card. You can also enjoy reserve experiences like luxurious getaways and private concerts. You can link the black card to your bank account; the perks that come with it are out of this world. McFarland said that Magnises are coming up with a complete platform that will connect millennial with ventures online and offline. McFarland further acknowledged the fact that most people carry their debit or credit card all the time, so they tie it to that.

McFarland shared with Business Insider Wednesday, where he indicated that the membership of the club has increased to 12,000 members. New York-based Magnises members can access co-working facilities at Alley for just $99 a month. Magnises also maintains its corporate offices at Alley-. McFarland further explained that desks at co-working spaces rent for about $500 on a monthly basis. The new membership feature is known as WorkPass. McFarland told Business Insider that they are trying to improve the lives of all their members.

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The business will soon introduce a feature known as ClubPass. ClubPass will allow Magnises members to enjoy guaranteed access to the most exclusive nightclubs in the New York City by paying $65 a month. HotelPass is a third new feature where Magnises members can stay at the Dream Hotel’s New York locations for just $79 per night. Note that rooms at the Dream typically start at $2454, so the deal is a must-have. McFarland pointed out that those are the places that members want to go but they cannot afford, and even if they can, they pay for a high table.

The club comprises of working professionals between the ages of 21 and 35. Most of these professionals work in finance, technology or fashion industries on Crunchbase. McFarland admitted that the deal is not only good for the club but also for the hotel brands too. McFarland said the Dream Hotel is opening a bunch of facilities all over the world, and they want Magnises members to consider the Dream every time they are on vacation or when they travel for business.

Magnises members pay a yearly fee of $257.55. To become a member of Magnises, visit their website and click on the “Join Now” button and submit your application. After submitting an application, an individual will get an email shortly that lets them know that their application has been accepted. The email will also include a status update on the review process of your request. Magnises members enjoy a unique set of cultural and professional cultures that are in line with the interests of all its members.