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Securus Technologies Secured Systems

Law enforcement agencies have been contacted by Securus Technologies to investigate media reports about records of inmate calls, which were allegedly leaked online. Although no evidence has been presented to show hacking or technology breach, the inmate communication company has decided to investigate into the matter to restore confidence of clients. However, the company has indicated a likelihood of internal employee inappropriately sharing the records. As an expert of the inmate communication investigations, I have decided to investigate what transpired.

Crippling Inmate Communication

The decision to cap inmate calling rates could cripple the business. I understand the companies when they quote high online storage and recording of the calls as a reason for the current price of the calls. In finding the way forward, I foresee a persistent fight between the Federal Communications Communication and the inmate communication companies. Securus Technologies being of the established firms in inmate communication could end up offering poor quality service if the dispute is not settled.

The Cry of the Clients

Many clients have complained about the high calling rates. However as revealed by PR Newswire, my investigations prove the calling rates are genuine because they are not like normal calls. When I am making a normal call, there will be no high protection for the recordings. However, if I am calling an inmate, the conversation has to be safeguarded and provided when needed by law enforcement agencies.

Securus Technology History

Inmate communication is a business worth millions of cash. For Securus Technologies, it has been in business for a long time and provided reliable solutions. As an expert in this field, I know the challenges faced by the communication companies to keep their data secure. However, as the investigations continue, it is time to focus on how even other companies can secure their data. As a shareholder in the call rate dispute, my investigation will be affected if the companies become crippled. For more info, see Securus’ BBB page.

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