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The Change that Securus Technologies has Brought.

Have you ever had one of your family members arrested and convicted of a crime? This is always a trying time for everyone. This is because every inmate is someone’s baby, spouse or parent. Time in jail means breaking relationships. Time in jail does not have to be an issue anymore with Securus Technologies. They have been in the lead of high tech provision since time immemorial. This is because of great leadership and innovation. Securus Technologies is committed to ensuring that both the public and the inmates are safe.

The primary beneficiaries of their technologies are incarcerated individuals, their relatives, and friends. The company has innovated gadgets that allow for audio and video calls. This has improved the relationship between the two parties. The users say that their customer care services are very efficient. They are also happy with the convenient nature of the devices.

Their inmates who have been in the prisons for so long may have difficulty in adjusting to the outside world. This is because, with technology, the world is continually changing. On being released some of them do not know where to start. Some convicts have committed crimes on purpose to go back to jail. This is because they feel this is where they belong.

The Securus Technologies has innovative gadgets to ensure that the inmates are kept abreast with the changes in the world. They receive pictures and developments of the world.

These devices in the hands of the detainees can be hazardous. This is because they can decide to use them for other purposes. Wrong usage of the devices, may lead to prison breaks or hurting of the outsiders.

Securus Technologies has taken precautions against such issues. The precautions are taken by ensuring the devices are highly coded. Everything the convicts does is recorded. In the case where they are any suspicions, the administration can begin an investigation. Many cases have been solved through the devices.


Securus Technologies – Leading Communications for Inmates and Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is a communications provider for civil and criminal justice systems. They operate to help find solutions to enhance public safety, improve the investigation process and monitor the facility. They have been producing quality service for many years and they continue to collect a wide selection of comments from facility customers in relation to using their technology and communication services to help prevent crimes and oversee communication efforts. Rick Smith, CEO and Chairman of Securus Technologies says that Securus works hard to develop a new product about once a week to help facility officials solve and prevent crimes.


Throughout the thousands of letters and emails that they receive, there are many that stick out. One customer was very satisfied with the services they received from Securus, and state that they were able to obtain a warrant for a staff member that was crossing the line. The utilized information that was used from phone calls to obtain the warrant and were able to make the necessary arrest in the case. Another letter raved about Securus monitoring calls between inmates and outside sources related to alcohol and selling of drugs.


Securus is responsible for more than 3,450 public safety officials with keeping safe communications between over one million inmates. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas but have many other facilities located throughout the United States. For many years, Securus has been fully committed to help connect emergency response officials, investigations, communications, information services and much more. Securus has always focused on what matters and strives to provide the best possible services to the community, public safety officials and the inmates. They continue to dedicate their advancements and innovations to the future of technology and to the future of providing secure communications. To learn more about their services and solutions, visit