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Talk Fusion New Products

One of the global leaders in video marketing, Talk Fusion, has recently launched a 30 day free trial of its line of products. This means that customers in nine languages from over 140 countries around the world can try the all-in-one Video Marketing Solution produced by Talk Fusion free for 30 days.

This project has been in the planning stage for over a year while thousands of hours of work and strategic planning have been entered into this product. It is Talk Fusion‘s strong belief that the only way to truly experience the effect and benefits of video marketing is through utilizing it yourself with hands on experience.

Bob Reina, the CEO of Talk Fusion, highly praises his product by saying that “There is absolutely no comparison in the world to the value that we bring”. He is so confident in his product that he believes he will have a very high conversion rate of those who try his 30 day free trial service. He believes that people only need to see how effective his product is in order to be hooked on it.

What may be even more appealing is that the new website design came along with the announcement of the free trial. In addition, through this new website, customers can get their free trial with just their name and email address. No personal details or credit card information is required until you decide to purchase the product.

The free trial includes many products offered by Talk Fusion. Specifically, full access will be provided to customers for Video Email, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, and the award-winning Video Chat services. Bob Reina believes that, like all customers who have tried and bought Talk Fusion products, those who use the new free trial will notice the obvious advantages and marketing tools offered.

In addition, if customers are having trouble getting used to the intuitive design of Talk Fusion products, free trial users will have the ability to comb through a virtual library of information created to assist them with the products. Through video tutorials and step-by-step guides, they’ll learn quick.