Eric Pulier; a remarkable investor and distinguished philanthropist

Eric Pulier is a Los Angeles-based American entrepreneur, philanthropist, technologist, columnist, published author and eloquent public speaker. Eric Pulier is  an outstanding innovator and founder of over fifteen organizations. He has performed exceptionally in matters of financing ventures. In fact, Eric has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for organizations he has founded and co-founded.

Eric Pulier has been involved in founding organizations such as Digital Evolution, Media Platform, Desktone, ServiceMesh, US interactive, Akana, and the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council. These firms merged to form the TM Forum. Eric Pulier has sold his latest creation for 350 million dollars.

Eric is one of the distinguished innovators and entrepreneurs in the nation. He is excellent with startups and has helped many entrepreneurs realize their enterprises’ full potential through funding for their capital. He also owns a fantastic restaurant in Santa Monica, California. This Restaurant is attached to his state of the art nightclub. He believes that making contributions to the society gives one real purpose, joy and peace.

Pulier has invested in Venture Capital Funds and some charitable organizations. The affiliate firms of Venture Capital include Trident Capital, Monitor Ventures, and eCompanies. He recently formed an alliance with one of the most distinguished companies in the technology industry but is yet to be announced formally. Eric Pulier co-authored Understanding Enterprise SOA , and also authored a weekly column for the Harvard Crimson Weekly called PulierLeg, and also acted as the editor.

On his educational background, Pulier attained a BA from Harvard University. He has also studied English and American Literature, Visual and Environmental Studies, and Computer Science. Pulier is an accomplished individual who is governed by his strong principles. According to Eric Pulier, all true success comes from being able to invest into our purpose. Eric has impacted his community quite significantly in his life and continues to provide his services to promote humanity and boost entrepreneurs realizing the full potential of their dreams.

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